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We are San Bernardino Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing San Bernardino, Ca. Our wildlife control company fully understands the risks associated with wildlife, including their ability to spread diseases to humans. These may include Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, and others. As such, we help you remove the animals from your property before they can spread disease. We also help you overcome problems, like a lawn that is destroyed by the presence of a mole or groundhog. It is actually fairly common for moles, groundhogs, and even squirrels to destroy landscaping or gardens via their normal daily actions. Or we can prevent rats, mice, and squirrels from chewing on your electrical wires by removing them. We also have extensive experience removing animals from attics. If you notice sounds coming from your attic at night, this may be a sign of squirrels, rats, or raccoons up there. If you have a critter on your property that requires trapping and removal, we will take care of this, relocating the animal a minimum of ten miles away to discourage it from returning. Upon arrival at your property, we will inspect every single inch of the home and property. Our 32-point inspection process is comprehensive and ensures that we spot every area that an animal may use to get inside your home. Call us now at 909-480-4111 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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San Bernardino Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Bat Extermination Tips

Bats will not necessarily attack humans, most of the time they will only look for a temporary roosting ground. During the cold winter months, they will sometime invade our houses to seek some comfort. Nonetheless, San Bernardino bats can transform your property in a huge mess once they infested it. The strong stench from their droppings and urine will definitely annoy you. Furthermore, these dropping may contain microbes that can irritate your respiratory tract. Their urine can affect the condition of woods and will make it brittle.

Lethal and Non-Lethal Ways to Get Rid of the Bats
Once they find a roosting place inside our house, the problems related with bats will become serious. A lot of people also started to panic once they see a colony of bats inside their house. Nonetheless, you should stay calm as there are limitless of ways to get rid of them.

The Lethal Method
Bats have been the main character of spooky tales and legends but in reality, bats are more scared of humans. This means that you can easily drive them away without using lethal methods. Note that we do not recommend the lethal method since using them can be risky.

Poison- poison should only be used as your last resort when dealing with wildlife infestation. Killing a large colony will lead to a considerable amount of fine. Dealing with the carcasses of the dead bat can also be a problem. Aside from the odor that the dead body releases, it can also invite insects and parasites.

Glue Boards- Glue board is another inhumane method of killing the bats. This method is cruel since the bat will suffer a long and excruciating death. In addition, it is not effective in dealing with your infestation problem.

The Non-Lethal Method
Bats can consume insects on large quantities and their droppings can nourish the soil. They provide numerous benefits which is why we shouldn’t kill them when they invade our property.

Sealant- In case you have a sufficient amount of sealing materials, this may be an effective way to prevent the San Bernardino bats from accessing your property. You only need to observe them for a few days to determine their access points.

Phenol- the strong scent of phenol may help you in getting rid of the bats but the level of its efficacy may vary.

Repairing Your Walls- If a wildlife creature has invaded our property; there is a possibility that there is damage on our walls. Remember that a hole that is about 1-2 inches in diameter can be used as an access point. Repairing it immediately can be the best solution for your problem.

Keeping your house bat-proof is indeed the excellent way to prevent wildlife invasion. Dealing with California bats infestation requires expertise and experience. It may require a couple of weeks before you successfully get rid of the entire colony. If you lack the necessary knowledge, seeking the assistance of the wildlife control agency will prove to be beneficial. They can provide a long-term solution for your problem.