Hazards of the Raccoon’s Urine

Raccoons carry fungus that can cause infectious diseases that will affect both humans and pets. In case you have kids, they are mostly at risk of contracting the disease since they will usually play outdoors. The ground where they are playing will probably be contaminated with the urine of the San Bernardino raccoon. The raccoons have a habit of urinating on the same spot. You can find it in the less frequented areas of your house such as your basement, attic, garage, and under the deck or porch.

The Dangers of the Raccoons Urine
While most of the infections are being transmitted through the direct contact with the fecal matter of the raccoon, you should not easily ignore their urine. It contains bacteria that can cause the deadly disease known as Leptospirosis. In case you have a wound, avoid having a direct contact with their body secretion. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to the threat of the disease.

Some of the symptoms of this disease will include anemia, high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and sever muscle pain and headache. If not given with the proper medical attention, the condition can lead to meningitis, and liver and kidney failure.

Tips to Avoid Being Infected with their Urine
The first thing you have to do is to discourage the raccoon from staying in your property. Avoid feeding the San Bernardino raccoons since they will decide to stay in your house. Make sure that all things that attract the attention of the raccoons will be removed. Clear the fallen fruits in your yard and seal your trash can properly.

How to Clean the Urine of the Raccoon
Now that you know that the urine of the raccoons is not only unsightly but also hazardous, you should do your best to eliminate the threat. In case you think that there is a risk that a member of the family or your pet has a high chance to come in contact with their urines, then you need to immediately disinfect it. The smell of their urine will catch the attention of the other California raccoons that will likely aggravate the problem.

Remember that the proper removal and decontamination of your property will require the experience and the knowledge of the experts. You need to have a profound experience in handling the raccoon infestation. The urine of the raccoons is not simply a nuisance. You should avoid cutting corners and make sure that all your problems will be handled professionally. You should also remove the materials such as the insulations that have been contaminated with their urine. This will guarantee that the house will stay a safe haven for the family.

In case you are suffering from a raccoon infestation, do not wait for a second and call the help of the professionals that will help you deal not only with the wildlife but also on their urine and excrement. They should be able to provide you a range of services that will address all the matters of your raccoon infestation.

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