Skunk Species in the US

There are different types of San Bernardino skunks that you may encounter in various regions of the US. This may include the hooded, hog-nosed, spotted, and striped skunk. They will have distinct features and also similar habits. For instance, there are skunks that can grow to a size of a small dog. There are those that will reach the size similar to a housecat. There are species in America that have unique nutritional needs but most of them are omnivores that will eat plants, insects, and even the food scraps in the garbage.

Different Types of Skunks Found in the US
There are different types of skunks than what you initially predicted; nonetheless, they are all releasing that unbearable musk that act as their first line of defense. Here are some of the common skunks in the US and some interesting information about them.

Striped Skunk
The striped skunk can be found in various locations in the US. Apart from that, they have also invaded Canada and the central part of Mexico. Striped skunk has become contented in living in a range of environment. You will notice that they have the evident black-and-white marks. Their spray will be greasy and they can shoot at a distance of 10 feet. The stench is too powerful that it may cause vomiting and may cause temporary blindness. It will take days before the stink will wear out. Despite of their smell, San Bernardino skunks are also beneficial. They can control the population of the insects that are destroying the crops.

Spotted Skunk
Some skunks do not have the stripes; there are those that will have black-and-white speckled coat which is not necessarily spotted. There are at least four types of spotted California skunks that you will find in the US all the way to the Canada. Around 2 of them are included under the protected species of the federal list. The spotted skunk can reach up to 2 feet in terms of length; they are agile creatures that can climb trees, which is why they are being called tree trunks by some. The spotted skunk will be taking advantage on foods that are easily accessible such as the fruits in the trees.

Hooded Skunk
This skunk has acquired its name from the extensive fur that covered its head that appears like a cape. Their color pattern can vary and they will have longer tail compared to the other types of skunk. Hooded skunk is commonly found in the southwestern part of the US. They are also highly adaptable that enables them to survive in a diverse setting.

Finally, there is also the hog-nosed skunk which is known for its bald snout. Knowing the type of skunk that is infesting your property will help you determine the right course of action to deter their infestation. Remember that some of the skunks are endangered and should not be killed. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the legal consequences. Ask the help of the experts to guarantee that they are doing the removal method within the boundary of laws.

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