What Are the Common Problems That Opossums Cause?

An opossum in your yard should not necessarily cause a major problem. This animal has a non-destructive and non-aggressive nature and they will not attack humans or your pets. Most of the time, they will only dig on our garbage or eat the pet food that we left outside. However, there are also instances that they will raid our gardens and poultry yards and feed on the strawberries, apples, and vegetables.

Different Problems Caused by San Bernardino Opossums
Perhaps the best way to deal with the California opossum is to let them have their space. Their existence is normally beneficial to human. They normally eat insects that damage our crops and voles and mice that can be a nuisance. Nevertheless, you should still familiarize yourself on the different problems related with the opossum invasion.

Perhaps one of the most lethal diseases that the opossum can carry would be Leptospirosis. The source of this disease is a bacterium called Leptospira Interrrogans. This is characterized by its spiral form that is commonly indicated as spirochete. This does not only pose a threat to other animals but also to humans. Opossums can contaminate the food and water supply. Humans can be infected with this disease once we ingested a contaminated food or water. The common symptoms of Leptospirosis include vomiting, chills, neck stiffness, muscle pain, and nausea. If the disease is not properly treated, the disease can progress and lead to kidney failure and meningitis.

Fleas and Tick
The ticks from the opossums can be transferred to our pets. The older dogs are somehow resistant to the possible damage that this parasite carries. However, the smaller pets are more susceptible to the risk that they bring.

Salmonella and E.coli
Another health issue related with opossum infestation would be salmonella and e.coli. Traces of these bacteria are found in the droppings of the San Bernardino opossums and can lead to a severe stomach pain. In case the creature decided to invade your property, the bacteria they carry can easily be transmitted on our food and water.

This is not that common but it is still possible to be a problem. The opossum can cause this type of infection through their bite and scratch. Just like the problem with the mice, some people prefer to handle this type of infestation on their own. However, due to the possibility of being attacked by the creature, it is still recommended to let the professionals handle this task.

As we mentioned above, managing opossum’s invasion is just like controlling your rodent infestation. It is still a task that should be left in the hands of the experts. With the different damages and health risks associated with them, you need to address this problem at once. After the opossums have been removed from your property, you should do some counter measures to prevent future infestation. This will help the homeowners avoid dealing with the same grief. This can also ensure them that their house is a safe place to live.

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